About Kea Health
About Kea Health

About us

We started as a local family business dedicated to providing personalized and empathetic service to our wonderful customers. We’ve now done it for over 50 years.

As we’ve grown beyond our local store, we’re thrilled to reach customers all across America now. But our commitment remains the same as it did all those years ago: to treat each of our customers with the same sincerity and empathy as if they were walking into our original local store.

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What we do

We’re committed to partnering with customers and offering free, zero-judgment guidance on quitting smoking. We provide affordable NRT products that are proven to curb cravings.

Whether this is your first step toward quitting or you have tried it before, we’re here to make your journey easier through our world-class NRT products and localized support. Your success is our goal, and we’re here to make it happen.

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Why we do it

As people, we know how hard it can be to quit smoking. As professionals, we have a duty to help people quit.

Like many families, we’ve experienced and felt the impact of addiction. That’s why we do more than provide hand-picked NRT clinically proven products. Instead, we partner with our quitters for the best chance of success through personalized support and guidance. We’ve backed thousands of quitters but always want to support one more.

How we work
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Our Values

Our core values guide us in supporting people like you to quit smoking. They are:

Integrity – Trust is essential. We are always honest, transparent, and informed by evidence. We’ve always been a trustworthy family business and want to keep it that way.

Innovation – We ensure our NRT products are the best and most reliable. To do that, we closely monitor cutting-edge strategies and solutions to provide the most advanced and effective products and advice.

Compassion – Every quitter’s journey is different. As we’ve always done, we seek to understand each individual and their unique challenges. Our approach is always to lead with empathy and be guided by expertise.

Excellence – KEA Health offers nothing but the best. Our products and services are proven to work. We want more quitters!

Our Mission

KEA Health’s mission is to inspire and support as many quitters as possible with empathy and expertise.

Our mission is to make a meaningful impact on our quitters’ lives, reduce cigarette-related harm, and make smoking a thing of the past.

That’s why we’re here to make the quitting journey as smooth and successful as possible.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to improving wider public health by supporting one quitter at a time. By making it easier to quit smoking, we’re working to reduce cigarette-related harm and promote healthier communities.

We’ve helped thousands make smoking a thing of the past, and we’re always looking to help one more join our club of quitters. Your quitting journey is as important to us as the thousands of others before you.

Subscribe and save

Our subscription service makes quitting easier, cheaper, and much more convenient. Subscribers gain access to a 5% discount on every subscription order and automatic deliveries right to their doorstep at a chosen frequency. Ditch the hassle of manually reordering and give your bank a rest; our subscription service makes quitting that much smoother.

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Our pharmacists have hand-selected a comprehensive range of high-quality NRT products that have been proven to work. Whether you’re looking for patches, gum, lozenges, or inhalers & sprays, our friendly pharmacists can help you choose the ideal NRT at the perfect dosage rate for every stage of your quitting journey—partner with the best for genuine support in kicking smoking for good.

What Our Quitters Say

I am so grateful Kea Health. I truly believe that you give a person a chance that otherwise could not afford your products. As you know, retail prices in the stores are more than some cigarettes cost. This is so important to me. The shipping is wonderful also. I'm unable to do any shopping outside my home so I so appreciate the delivery! Keep doing what you are doing!


South Carolina

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